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About Us

About five years ago began the history hundred Dhabas to
German “home cooking”. Roadside opened many small
Restaurants and served their local food to mainly

Dhaba experience the subtle connection between modern
Indian craftsmanship and Indian home cooking. Art
and food in a pleasant inspiring atmosphere.
The eye-catching forms a large wall relief made of sandstone and
Wood. just.

A trip to India can truly replace anything,
but the Dhaba conveys ever a very successful

The restaurant Dhaba the guest embarks on a culinary
Expedition. The Indian cuisine here is because of their
Spice diversity, their balance and their wholesomeness

But cooking is in India art and science in one: The
Knowledge of the peculiarities of the different foods is
Never is seasoned only after gustatory criteria
known and appreciated worldwide.
big meaning.
it is also on the effect of the spices

Food is an experience and to medicine,
if it is prepared with love and knowledge.
taken on the body.

Immerse yourself in the exotic atmosphere of our restaurant
Dhaba and you can be of Indian hospitality and
fine culinary delights enchant.

Enjoy the beauty of India in the middle of Munich.

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089 38367771